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  1. RDM Standart



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  2. ANSI E1.20 - 2010 RDM-Remote Device Management over USITT DMX512 Networks

    ANSI E1.20 - 2010
    Entertainment Technology
    Remote Device Management
    Over DMX512 Networks

    ANSI E1.20 - 2010, Entertainment Technology-RDM-Remote Device Management over USITT DMX512 Networks, describes a method of bi-directional communications over a USITT DMX512/1990 or ANSI E1.11 - 2004 data link between an entertainment lighting controller and one or more remotely controlled lighting devices. The protocol was written to work with the ANSI E1.11-2004 control standard, but will work equally well with the current 2009 version of E1.11. It allows discovery of devices on a DMX512/E1.11 network and the remote setting of DMX starting addresses, as well as status and fault reporting back to the control console.
    The 2010 edition corrects errors in the 2006 edition, and adds a new message to say that a previously reported problem has been cleared. The 2010 edition is bookmarked for easier use.

    Control Protocols

    January 04, 2011

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  3. E1.11 – 2008 (R2013) - USITT DMX512-A

    American National Standard
    E1.11 – 2008 (R2013)
    Entertainment Technology
    USITT DMX512-A
    Asynchronous Serial Digital Data
    Transmission Standard for Controlling
    Lighting Equipment and Accessories

    ANSI E1.11 - 2008 (R2013) is a reaffirmation of the 2008 edition. ANSI E1.11 describes a method of digital data transmission for control of lighting equipment and accessories, including dimmers, color-changers, and related equipment. It intended to provide for interoperability at communication and mechanical levels with controllers and controlled equipment made by different manufacturers. It is an update and expansion of the protocol developed by the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. and published as "DMX512/1990, Digital Data Transmission Standards for Dimmers and Controllers."

    Control Protocols

    March 13, 2013
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